BWT Profil is BWT technology which is used for reverse osmosis collection. Switch it on and that is it: you can rely on the newly developed microprocessor control system.

BWT Profil automatically controls all operating processes, displays important parameters such as conductivity and operating hours continuously. This allows operating personnel to make rapid checks.

Maintenance intervals, e.g. for changing the anti-scalant container are indicated by the BWT Profil.

Alarm and error messages are displayed in the language that everyone understands: clear text.

All customer specific parameters such as conductivity, pressure limit values, operating status and rinsing time can be entered using the control panel. Misuse is prevented by means of a code.

Even the duoosmosis operation can be programmed as standard to increase the water purity.

BWT Profil is available from Waterflow Control .

The process with the advantages in overview:

  • Compact construction due to integrated no-deadspace connection technology
  • Connection-ready, fully automatic, quiet
  • Optional on-line operation with multiblock
  • Integrated anti-scalant dosing (option)
  • Output range expandable up to 1700 i/h (off-line)