Insulated concrete forms are a relatively soft, foam construction with small gaps between each block, which causes great difficulties when waterproofing. Waterproofing is necessary as moisture seeps through the concrete and can damage flooring and furniture. System Platon at Ace Waterproofing is a dimpled, tough, foam compatible plastic membrane which permanently protects concrete from moisture. The membrane comes in three different roll sizes, is made from recycled materials, has a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty, and is chemically inert.  

The dimples in the membrane provide an air gap which prevents wet soil from walls and floors. Any water that does seep through is then redirected through an air gap to the footing drain. System Platon is also strong enough to be screwed in to insulated concrete forms fastening points. Advantages include rapid installation in all weather conditions, easily bridges 5 to 10 millimetre cracks, and controls interior and exterior moisture.