The air gap membrane from System Platon at Ace Waterproofing is a unique, double dimpled HDPE membrane which acts as a barrier against moisture. It can be used in retaining walls, built up flower beds and many other applications. The dimpled design creates an air gap which allows moisture to condense on the membrane and freely fall to the footing drain for removal. This ensures that walls stay dry. As System Platon is not attached to the wall, it remains in perfect condition despite the wall cracking, shifting and settling over time.

System Platon is an environmentally responsible product as it is made from recycled materials, it is durable and has a 30 year warranty so there is minimal waste, and it is chemically inert and will not leach into soil or the air. There are a number of advantages for System Platon including easy installation in all weather conditions, control of interior and exterior moisture, and the double dimple design provides smooth, low drag, solid side surface. It also features easily bridged 5 to 10 millimetre cracks.