Ace Waterproofing  are the industry leaders in providing permanent solutions against rising damp and have more than 25 years experience. System Platon, available at Ace waterproofing, is a unique, double dimpled polyethylene air gap membrane. The membrane is durable and tough with a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty; and effectively solves interior moisture control problems.  

Concrete, through capillary action, pulls water from the soil and results in efflorescence. If the moisture seeps through the concrete, it could damage interior flooring and furniture. Regular polyethylene vapour barriers are not an effective enough solution. They become brittle and porous in alkaline environments and are easily damaged by regular concrete procedures. Underslab damp proofing is tough enough to withstand normal concrete procedures without damage, and is unaffected by alkaline found in concrete. It is available in 1.65 metre by 20 metre rolls, and 1.98 metre by 20 metre rolls.