Ace Waterproofing  are the sole distributors of System Platon in Australia after noticing there was a complete gap in the Australian market for products that protect flooring from rising damp. System Platon is a polyethylene air gap membrane which provides moisture control for indoor areas. The Paton Flooring Protector has a unique double dimple design which gives it exceptional strength when laid under concrete and provides an impenetrable moisture barrier and air gap to allow the concrete to breathe.  

Without the use of Paton Flooring Protector, concrete will become affected by moisture and damaged. The product comes in roll in a convenient 1.13 metre by 15.24 metre roll. The Platon Flooring Protector comes with a number of features including be completely odour free, environmentally friendly, easy to install and no maintenance required. It is economical and can be installed in conjunction with almost any floor covering material including carpet, vinyl, laminate or hardwood.