Platon waterproof membranes manufactured by Ace Waterproofing are double dimpled and made from HDPE to provide an impervious barrier from liquid water, and are well suited for the protection of underground structures from backfill.

These waterproof membranes prevent backfill from coming into contact with walls by adopting a dimpled design that creates an airgap, allowing moisture to condense on the membranes and fall freely to the footing drain for removal.

Walls can crack, shift and settle over the years without affecting the waterproofing performance of Platon waterproof membranes because the material is not adhered to surfaces.

Platon waterproof membranes are suitable for use with:

  • block walls
  • poured concrete walls
  • insulated concrete forms
  • retaining walls
  • built-up flower beds around culverts; and
  • many other applications.
Provided with a 30 year product warranty, the membranes can be installed rapidly and in all weather conditions and are approved for use in North America by the ICC as a stand-alone waterproofing barrier.

With environmental sustainability in mind, the waterproof membranes are made from recycled high density polyethylene and are chemically inert, ensuring they will not leach into soil or air.