According to Sunbather , homeowners, who are living in Victoria, should understand their pool water losses. An average pool size of 8m x 4m has a surface area of 32sqm. All pools typically have an average depth of 1300mm, therefore, 32sqm x 1300mm = 41,600L of water.

Evaporation losses in Melbourne: According to a government webportal, pan evaporation is 1400mm in Melbourne, which means that the pool loses over its volume every year. Most pools are heated with solar and when they get heated, the evaporation rate increases by 50%, which means 2100mm every year. The example pool of 8m x 4m will lose 67,000L annually, 184L per day. Homeowners should measure their heated pool and work out their losses. Length x Width x 2100/365 days.

Most evaporation occurs in summer, so the daily average in summer increases, and in winter it significantly drops. The annual losses remain the same.

Homeowners can install a Sunbather thermal blanket and reduce up to 98% of the evaporation. This would reduce the daily usage from an average of 184L to 37L. A pool cover is an economical water saving device and saves evaporation.