The automatic pool safety cover available from Sunbather eliminates evaporation from all pools and overcomes many of the condensation problems associated with heated indoor pools.

Hydramatic below ground: Designed to be fully integrated into a new concrete pool construction, it retracts fully and completely disappears below pool coping level.

Hydramatic above ground: Suitable for fitting most shaped pools, it is stored above ground at one end of the pool in a specially constructed bench.

EZ Cover: this is a manually operated version and is suitable for most pools. All models can be used on new pools.

Colour options: The automatic pool safety covers are available in eleven colours to suit most landscapes.

Storage bench options: Above ground cover storage bench is available in white, grey, tan and terracotta.

Pool shape and size: Geometric shapes are preferred; however, freeform pools with steps and swim outs can be covered successfully. Pools up to 25m long including lap pools can be fitted.

Technical support: Engineering drawings designed to assist pool builders in the initial design and construction of the pool are made available at the beginning of each installation.

Sunbather can supply many options including storage lid grating, additional keyswitch modules etc. Sunbather technical staffs are always available to assist during all stages of the project.