Safer than a fence, Sunbathe r automatic pool covers provide the ultimate pool security. A removable key allows the cover to be locked from young children and its interlocking slats will support the weight of a child and even an adult. Under Australian law your pool still requires a fence.

Features of the Sunbather automatic pool covers:

  • On the wish list of many pool owners the automatic pool cover is the most stylish cover available. Upon opening, it completely disappears underground. A keyswitch can be located inside your house to give you greater flexibility and usage.
  • Payback within 5 years- A pool can cost lots of money to operate if not managed properly. A Sunbather automatic pool cover has slats which are 25% more buoyant and heat conserving than other products on the market. In fact a Sunbather has saved certain customers over $10,000 on their gas bills with the Automatic Cover. Just think about the carbon footprint reduction as well! This automatic pool cover will also save you up to twice the volume of your pool each year in evaporation which probably accounts for over 30% of your household consumption.
  • Patented CPS... Exclusive to Sunbather
  • Sunbather’s automatic pool cover is now the world’s smartest with CPS (Cover Protection System). It has an inbuilt safety cut out switch in case of obstruction upon deployment along with an inbuilt water levelling device ensuring the cover operation is always smooth and hassle free.