The commercial thermal pool covers available from Sunbather provide almost twice the heat retention capabilities of other thermal blanket types. Commercial thermal pool covers can help to increase profits from the moment they are first installed.

Commercial pool environments can be harsh on equipment and bubble covers are sometimes not suitable for commercial applications. Commercial thermal pool covers from Sunbather are laminated top and bottom with tough PE woven material and welded with double sided tape to withstand tough conditions. The edge detail, attachments and fixtures of the commercial thermal pool covers are all commercial grade to cope with regular use.

Supplying the right combination of products is the key to a successful project.  Sunbather provides energy audits that will reveal the current costs of running an existing pool. The Audit will then provide information on cost savings and ROI on the pool cover and/or solar pool heating investment.

If gas and electricity are currently heating the pool then commercial thermal pool covers will pay for themselves in just over 2 years.