The Sunbather pool security blanket is the ultimate pool cover system. For ultimate security, its rigid floating slats will easily support the weight of a small animal or a toddler and a key-lock operating mechanism ensures that nobody can get into the pool without consent.

For efficiency, the Sunbather pool security blanket locks in warmth to double the swimming season and it greatly reduces fuel consumption on heated pools.

For style, the Sunbather pool security blanket has a clean, sculptured look when extended and fully retracts into a slot at the end of the pool.

For convenience, its interlocking slats help keep leaves, dust, litter and even those pesky ducks out of an outdoor pool. They even shut out the light that causes algal build up. On indoor pools, those slats also dramatically reduce evaporation, condensation and corrosion. It’s fully automatic, remote controlled and designed to match the ‘ultimate’ pool.