Space Planning Concepts  provides innovative Retail Concepts to the retailers in the marketing field. What consumers see of any retail environment is initially visual. That is why the key to a store’s marketing strategy is its identity and image. Strategic identity is a strong concept developed early on in the marketing positioning process, whether it’s a new store or repositioning of an existing one.

Giving a name to the business, and its products and services is the most important factor in positioning. A say nothing name will not penetrate the mind. That is why it needs to be memorable and thus marketable.

In order to effectively use the store as a marketing tool, a retailer must have a definable identity to promote a clear positioning statement, so that key attributes can be translated into tangible elements of store design. With this defined personality, a program of activities can be assembled based on relationship marketing, which will include external advertising being reflected at point of purchase i.e. the store.

Retailers also need to consistently communicate unique points of view through decisive marketing environments in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. This may start with the three dimensional selling environment but also extends into all other components of the retail business, such as cards, people and management culture.

This is in essence what the brand is all about – a collection of all the impressions, feelings and knowledge a consumer has about the business.