Space Planning Concepts  helps in developing innovative office concepts. Besides space planning and design many factors need to be taken into account in generating an office concept.

According to Space Planning Concepts, traditionally, the office space had a very stereotyped format. It is becoming evident that the office is beginning to mean different things to different businesses.

To begin with, it is important to understand what is required of this workspace. Is it about a brand experience, a facility to connect a dispersed workforce or is it a place where people are brought together in a community of purpose. This would be the essence of the concept and to which everything else would be channeled.

From this point, circulation, space planning, function, activities, technology, aesthetics and many other factors are brought together in generating the concept. Some of these other factors would include safety (e.g. fire regulations), social aspects (privacy and community), ergonomics, sound insulation, sightlines, etc.