Space Planning Concepts  involves a team of architectural and interior designers who are concept orientated in the designing and planning of architectural interior space and other three dimensional environments. Space Planning Concepts adapts measurement techniques, research, marketing and branding for cost effective space planning solutions.

Space Planning Concepts begin with a streamlined process like analysis of objectives and research, concept generation, space planning, colour, material and lighting considerations, signage design and placement, detailed drawings, selection and custom design of components, contract documentation, certification and regulation compliance, project co-ordination and supervision, co-ordination and installation of furniture, furnishings and clutter packages, post installation evaluation in terms of issues and shifts in marketplace, continuous measurement and analysis of performance of concepts against a set of criteria and turnkey projects.

Space Planning Concepts offers retail concepts, restaurant concepts, office concepts and innovative concept solutions. Associated services from Space Planning Concepts include merchandising, corporate identity and graphic design and marketing communications.