Space Planning Concepts  offers retail concepts, restaurant concepts, office concepts and innovative concept solutions. Under retail concepts, Space Planning Concepts focuses on store design, signage, graphics, in-store communications, branding, fixturing and merchandising. Space Planning Concepts also base their strategies on consumer behaviour, demographics and psycho graphics for better productivity.

For restaurant concepts, Space Planning Concepts focuses on food and service, naming, merchandising planning, image development and logo. Office concept solutions involves planning, information processing, image and identity.

The planning strategy focuses on understanding how people interact in various settings and activities so that, space can be manipulated and defined into both active and passive. Planning occurs in areas including entrances, circulation, meeting spaces, support spaces, rest areas etc.

Comfort factors such as light, temperature, sound and aesthetics are taken into consideration in planning strategies. In information processing, Space Planning Concepts focuses on people, process and equipment to generate and communicate information. In image and identity, Space Planning Concepts' solution is to visually communicate the type of business to the public. This involves factors from the look of a building, its materials and finishes, to various details.

For innovative concept solutions, Space Planning Concepts looks into combination facilities, entertainment and retail, service, experiential, specialised, convenience etc. Innovative concept solutions are best suited for medical centres, themed environments, party and play venue for kids, new ways of selling products and peripheral retailing.