Smoke Control  provides fire protection solutions for building on a boundary with Windowshield fire shutters.

According to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) Clause C3.4, a -/60/- solution is required for building on a boundary that is within 3m of another building. Sprinklers cannot be used on operable windows.

Smoke Control supplied and installed 16 Windowshield fire shutters at a property in West Ryde. Windowshield fire shutters provide (-/60/-) protection and comply with BCA Clause C3.4 in addition to allowing the use of operable windows.

Smoke Control offers a complete range of cost-effective solutions for protecting windows on buildings close to boundaries, including Stopline fire windows, automatic closing fire windows, Metashield fire shutters, Windowshield fire curtains and Stopline fire rated glass blocks. A combination of these systems will balance costs and architectural requirements.