Improving fire safety in existing multi-storeyed apartment buildings through retrofits can be challenging, invasive and costly. Consequently, property asset owners and managers seek solutions that can be easily integrated into the building’s existing design and structure. Additionally, fire hazards, if any, are eliminated through inspection and better building management.

Building management and housekeeping measures

Escape routes

Ensuring a clear pathway for exiting the building during an emergency is one of the primary rules of building safety. Clear escape routes will ensure quick and easy evacuation for building occupants in the event of a fire. This means all stairs and corridors must be kept free of obstructions as well as objects that can also further fuel the fire.

Combustible materials

By removing or reducing the amount of combustible materials in and around the building, property owners and managers can minimise risk of fire. Outside trash and household rubbish should not be in contact with the building’s exterior walls – the rationale being that if there’s no material for fire, there is no risk in the first place.

Electrical safety

Electrical sparks – however small or brief – are enough to ignite combustible materials. As a preventive measure, it’s advisable to hire the services of a professional electrician to inspect the power board, wiring and other electrical components. This will not only ensure electrical safety in the building but also help with reliable electrical supply into and within the building.

Installing fire and smoke control systems

A building’s fire safety can be further improved by installing modern and practical systems. For example, modern fire shutters can be quickly installed to immediately improve the fire safety in the building while providing added peace of mind to the residents.

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