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    Smoke Control

    Smoke Curtains

    The Smoke Curtain systems available from Smoke Control are a product designed to be used in conjunction with mechanical/natural smoke control systems that are defined in the EN12101 suite of standards along with the curtains. 

    The range of Smoke Curtains from Smoke Control includes:

    • Vertical smoke curtains
    • Horizontal smoke curtains
    • Concertina smoke curtains
    • Combined fire and smoke curtains
    • Fibreshield H smoke curtains
    • Stripecoil smoke curtain
    • Smokehalt V smoke curtains
    • Smokeshield S smoke curtains
    • Moducoil smoke curtains
    • Supercoil smoke curtains

    Fibreshield- H Horizontal

    A horizontal fire curtain that offers a complete power fail safe function- 2 hour fire and smoke containment
    and fire tested in accordance with AS1530.4.

    Moducoil smoke curtains

    Tested in accordance with EN12101.1, Moducoil smoke curtains consist of a compact header box and flexible curtain connected to a control system. 

    Smokehalt V smoke curtains

    Protection from hot smoke and gases up to 8m wide. Tested in accordance with EN12101.1 and BS7346.3 Smokehalt is available with various performance levels from D30 through to DH120

    Smokeshield S smoke curtains

    Tested in accordance with EN12101.1 and BS7346.3 providing performance levels from D30 through to DH120. Designed to protect atriums and other large spaces and used in conjunction with mechanical smoke control measures.

    Stripecoil smoke curtain

    Stripcoil is a smoke curtain that closes completely to floor level. It has been tested in accordance with EN
    12101.1, and has been optimized specifically for the passage of occupants even in the closed position.

    Supercoil smoke curtains

    Full scale tested to EN12101.1, the Supercoil is a long span curtain that offers a single compact head box for maximising open plan designs. 

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