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    Smoke Control

    Fire Curtains

    The fire curtains from Smoke Control are fire tested to AS1530.4 and are designed to provide smoke containment. All fire curtains are installed in accordance AS1905.2 for added confidence.

    The range of fire curtains includes the following:

    • Vertical fire curtains
    • Horizontal fire curtains
    • Concertina fire curtains
    • Insulated fire curtains
    • Insulating zone fire curtains
    • Partially insulated fire curtains

    Fiberseal FS

    Full scale tested to AS1530.7 and AS1530.4 and is a vertical smoke containment screen, backed by the extensive testing. 

    Fibershield EI60

    Fully insulated fire curtain with a fire resistance level of -/60/60 and is backed by extensive testing above and beyond the basic.

    Fibershield EW120

    The system provides an equivalent fire resistance level of -/120/90 when the insulation requirements is measured 60mm from the surface of the barrier.

    Fibershield H

    The H horizontal fire curtain is backed by extensive testing in accordance with AS1530.4, it is a tough and reliable curtain system.

    Fibershield S

    A concertina type fire curtain that has been fire tested in accordance with AS1530.4.

    Fibershield Vs

    A longspan fire curtain that is the only type of long span curtain that offers a single compact head box with fire integrity and insulation ratings. Can be fully certified to a -/120/120 FRL when drenched with sprinklers both sides.

    Fibershield V

    Two hour protection from fire and smoke, the Fibershield V long span fire curtain is backed by extensive testing above and beyond the basic fire test.

    Fyrehalt - V

    Overhead coiling vertical fire curtain was designed and engineered in Australia and is a budget priced option. Fire tested in accordance with AS1530.4 and smoke (air) leakage tested in accordance with AS1530.7.

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