Fire and smoke curtains are passive containment systems that are integrated within the building structure. Being passive systems, they often are forgotten by building owners and managers when it comes to building maintenance.

However, fire and smoke curtains still require inspection and maintenance to ensure perfect function. Regular maintenance will also ensure compliance with the required standards and regulations.

Passive fire protection systems such as fire and smoke curtains often become so deeply integrated with the architecture of the building that they escape attention and get neglected. Such a situation creates fire safety issues as well as compliance problems.

Often, it’s the responsibility of building owners to ensure that maintenance is performed regularly and correctly – there are specific requirements for the preventive maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment. Ensuring timely and proper maintenance will not only safeguard both life and property, but also deliver peace of mind to the residents.

Planned maintenance every three or six months will ensure the passive systems are inspected and serviced on time at regular intervals. Maintenance packages that can be tailored to the building’s specific requirements help ensure the systems are always in perfect working order. To ensure compliance and function, it’s crucial to have the system undergo a Full Function Fire Test.

Maintenance packages by Smoke Control are designed to adhere to the latest safety standards and can be tailored according to the client’s specific requirements.

With more than 15 years of experience in the passive fire industry (including tailored design and installation that integrate well even within existing buildings), Smoke Control utilises their knowledge and expertise not just to ensure compliance, but also to improve building safety in a cost-effective way.

Contact Smoke Control if you require a maintenance and installation service for your passive fire and smoke protection and containment systems.