Smoke Control  offers Smoke Guard smoke curtains as a solution for buildings with insufficient space for a smoke lobby.

By installing Smoke Guard smoke curtains/ screens to lift doors, Smoke Control can create the equivalent of a smoke lobby in a fire mode. Smoke Control’s systems eliminate smoke lobbies and also allow the building owner to reclaim parking spaces to increase the net saleable/ rentable floor space.

The smoke curtain allows for the continuous egress of occupants through a relatively narrow path past the lift in fire and non-fire mode. Smoke Guard does not reduce the clear opening in non-fire mode.

Smoke Control specialises in smoke control systems and various fire protection solutions. Smoke Control can provide solutions for specific projects with a comprehensive product range that includes smoke curtains, fire curtains, fire windows and rated glass, BAL-FZ (flamezone) windows, doors and shutters, solutions for building on a boundary, smoke containment, fire containment, smoke ventilation, natural ventilation and smoke windows.