Smoke Control  recently completed an installation of numerous smoke curtains at ANZ’s head office. The project consisted of a 2000m2 atrium with a smoke exhaust system which required assistance with keeping the smoke off each floor level in the building.

Smoke Control provided an innovative solution to install a number of smoke curtains to cater for the unique areas of the building. These smoke curtain systems included Stripecoil walk through smoke curtains, Supercoil single span smoke curtains and Moducoil modular smoke curtains.

The installation of Stripecoil walk-through smoke curtains allowed a number of design considerations to be accommodated. The Stripecoil smoke curtain system enables occupants to exit from the building while the curtain is deployed. The smoke curtain system installed is compact, allowing it to be concealed in the ceiling spaces.

The Supercoil smoke curtains were installed to help reduce smoke leakage paths through overlaps. This was achieved through installing a single span system. Supercoil smoke curtains can span up to 50m in a single module due to a patented drive system, therefore eliminating the need for multiple modules and curtain overlaps.

Moducoil smoke curtains were provided to cope with the curvature of the atrium in a number of areas whilst providing a reliable smoke barrier. Moducoil smoke curtains can help architects and building designers maximise and open up internal space, which was critical in the design of the ANZ Head Office.

Further information on the ANZ head office project or the smoke curtain systems used can be obtained from Smoke Control.