Smoke Control  installed a smoke ventilation solution for the Scott Theatre at Adelaide University.

Smoke Control’s smoke ventilation solution comprised of 13 Inova smoke vents that needed to be retrofitted into the building. The client required the solution to combine natural ventilation, day lighting, water tightness and smoke and heat venting in a single product.

Since the project was being executed as part of an upgrade, the solution needed to be flexible to allow easy retrofitting in the available space while achieving the required level of smoke venting. The combined benefits of Smoke Control’s smoke ventilation systems created significant overall savings for the client.

Smoke Control specialises in smoke control systems and various fire protection solutions. Smoke Control can provide solutions for specific projects with a comprehensive product range that includes smoke curtains, fire curtains, fire windows and rated glass, BAL-FZ (flamezone) windows, doors and shutters, solutions for building on a boundary, smoke containment, fire containment, smoke ventilation, natural ventilation and smoke windows.