The Inova ventilation window from Smoke Control is a specially designed window for vertical applications in utility buildings such as shopping centres, atria and public edifices. 

The Inova is constructed with a fully thermally broken aluminium profile with a high insulation performance. Additionally the frame is sealed with EPDM rubber gaskets. The Inova window from Smoke Control is available with a powder coated finish to any RAL colour, mill finish or anodised.

The light weight Inova profile is significantly smaller than most market ventilation window profiles, thereby enhancing suitability in building façades.

In its closed position the operating mechanism including the cylinders, gas springs, and electro-motors are hidden inside the Inova frame profile. The Inova can be fitted with a compressed air operation, an electric 24V operation or an electric 230V operation. Both the pneumatic and electric operating systems can be configured to a fail-safe mode.

The framework is available in a variety of adaptations including the single walled aluminium, double walled insulated aluminium, laminated glass, insulation glass, double and triple-walled polycarbonate.

Additional specifications for the Inova ventilation window from Smoke Control include:

  • Maximum frame height 600 - 2000mm
  • Maximum frame width 600 - 2500mm 
  • Maximum surface area 3.5 m2 
  • Glass thickness 6 - 40 mm 
  • The maximum weight of the panel insulation is 45 kg/m2
  • Flange min thickness 5mm 
  • Flange max thickness 55mm