Smoke Control  supplied and installed 50 Eura smoke vents in a large warehouse in Albury that required smoke venting. The 50 Eura smoke vents were fixed on upstands to the roof of the warehouse.

The client sought several features in the smoke vents including natural ventilation, day lighting, water tightness as well as smoke and heat venting. Water tightness was an important requirement for the warehouse.

By specifying only Australian Standards for smoke venting, there is potential for water leakage in heavy storms. Typically, European Norm 12101.3 is specified to ensure a level of performance that exceeds the Australian Standards for smoke venting.

However, the combined benefits of Smoke Control’s smoke ventilation systems created a significant overall saving for the warehouse owners. The project involved a purpose designed system for asset protection in addition to life safety requirements of the BCA Section E ‘Smoke Hazard Management’.

Smoke Control specialises in smoke control systems and various fire protection solutions. Smoke Control can provide solutions for specific projects with a comprehensive product range that includes smoke curtains, fire curtains, fire windows and rated glass, BAL-FZ (flamezone) windows, doors and shutters, solutions for building on a boundary, smoke containment, fire containment, smoke ventilation, natural ventilation and smoke windows.