Smoke Control  installed 120 mono-therma ventilators at the Laminex factory to allow for smoke venting, natural ventilation and daylighting.

The smoke vents were specially sized to provide the least cost per square metre of the factory.

The mono-therma pneumatic smoke and heat release ventilators were installed into a multi-zone configuration, broadly conforming to a fire engineered design solution, which included smoke baffle separation.

A specialist smoke venting and daylighting system was considered as the best solution to achieve BCA compliance for smoke venting a large manufacturing facility with a high fire load environment. Specialist EFSR sprinkler systems were installed with approval from certifiers and QRFS while a special delayed action fusible link was supplied to every ventilator as part of the system’s fail-safe back-up.

Pneumatically operated smoke ventilators were selected to take advantage of the on-site manufacturing facility’s air supply, while additional failsafe receiver tanks provided emergency air supply. The ventilator lids were supplied in triplex ultra-strong polycarbonate to ensure natural lighting while reducing the volume of independent daylighting panels.