SkyCool  thermal roof coatings offer many benefits for non-air conditioned shopping complexes, warehouses and factories with a need for keeping the environment cool and comfortable.

One such building with this requirement is the Direct Factory Outlet centre at Moorabbin, Victoria. While most of this building has been constructed recently and contains air conditioning, the original 13,000m² section has non-insulated roof and just a small number of evaporative cooling towers which has resulted in difficulties with over heating during the warmer months.

Consultant engineers identified that the majority of the heat was generated from solar energy entering through the roof, a common problem with normal galvanised metal roofs. These types of roofs often attain temperatures approximately twice that of the ambient shade temperature, i.e on a 30ºC day the roof can get up to temperatures of 60ºC, which transfers into the building.

After a careful testing process at the Queensland University of Technology prior to application on the roof of the Direct Factory Outlet, SkyCool thermal roof coatings showed some very positive results.

SkyCool thermal roof coatings had a major effect on the temperature of the air immediately below the uninsulated roof. During the height of summer, SkyCool thermal roof coating showed the ability to bring an overall sub-roof temperature of 65°C down to about 25°C.

The research showed that SkyCool thermal roof coating could lower the temperature of the occupied level of the building from the mid to high 30s to the mid 20s.