SkyCool's  products has a wide application in supermarkets since it reduces the power consumption to 47% compared to other standard buildings and makes it cost effective.

In schools most of the classrooms may be overheated during the summer season. Majority of the heat in classroom is entered through the walls when compared to the roofs. SkyCool is preferable in schools because it reduces the internal temperature and it is also easy to apply the thermal coating.

In shopping centers where the air conditioners are not used the building is heated by the solar heat entering through the roof.

It is found that when the temperature is 30 degree, a normal galvanised metal roof in such shopping centers gets heated upto 60 degrees. In such areas the SkyCool is preferable since it can reduce the 65 degree temperature to 25 degree celsius.

In non air-conditioned factories and warehouses the temperature used to be high above the daily ambient. SkyCool is preferred in these places since it can make the interior cooler than the cooling that we get by building exterior shadings.

In clubs also SkyCool air conditioning are preferred in living and entertainment spaces which are directly under the metal roofs.