SkyCool  thermal coating is designed to reduce overheating in metal roofed commercial and industrial buildings. SkyCool thermal coating can also reduce heat within buildings. In fact, it will even ‘pump out’ some of the internal heat to produce an environment that is cooler and more comfortable than shaded external ambient air.  

SkyCool thermal coating can achieve internal sub-roof temperature reductions of 20°C to 40°C. SkyCool is a specialised thermal coating applied to the exterior of metal roofed buildings. An application of this thermal coating results in several benefits, such as:   

  • Increased value in the building, whether it is conditioned or not. 
  • Greater efficiency and life from existing air conditioning plant through reduced peak loads. 
  • Substantial and very cost-effective reduction in air conditioning power consumption 
  • It is environmentally safe and convenient to apply, with no interruption to business 
  • A more productive work environment without the expense of air conditioning  

In addition, SkyCool thermal coating ensures that the roof is protected from Corrosion from atmospheric contaminants and thermal shock due to varying sun load. When used in most industrial and commercial buildings, SkyCool thermal coating offers large energy cost savings, preservation of the roof, and significant abatement of greenhouse gases.