Castle Hill RSL in North West Sydney recently had SkyCool thermal roof coating applied to treat rust in their roof, which has resulted in savings of approximately $500,000 in roof replacement costs.

One of Sydney's major service clubs, the Castle Hill RSL sets aside a significant percentage of its annual budget to maintenance of their facilities every year to ensure the club’s assets are always kept in top condition.

When Facilities Manager at the Castle Hill RSL, Allan De Paoli, discovered the cost of replacing the club's roof would be more than half a million dollars he was shocked. In deciding to explore other options, De Paoli came across SkyCool’s claims that their thermal roof coating could not only cut energy costs, but also treat and preserve the roof.

The entire process of spraying SkyCool's thermal roof coating on the roof of the Castle Hill RSL cost about $60,000, a fraction of the amount that a new roof would cost.
SkyCool is a durable thermoplastic roof coating that has been proven to significantly reduce air-conditioning energy usage, and cost, by removing most of the increased solar heat during hot weather and reducing the surface temperature of the roof by as much as 32ºC.

SkyCool thermal roof coating also prolongs the life of the roof and reduces roof maintenance costs.
SkyCool thermal roof coatings are especially suitable for use on:

  • club buildings
  • warehouses
  • airports; and
  • shopping centres.