Sewer, collection well and on-site treatment systems are the three basic configurations of the waste systems provided by Pureablue. Based on the availability of services, remoteness of location, environmental regulations, management and maintenance resources and the responsibilities regarding the safety Pureablue selects the most suitable waste systems.

Collection well is more suited in the places where the frequency of services is less. In this system the waste is collected into a well. From there it is moved periodically to the municipal treatment plant. Collection well is more preferred since it can solve the problems in environment, OH&S and vandalism.

Sewer is more recommended in the areas where there will be always the water and sewer services. On-Site treatment system is not usually preferred since it creates problems in the maintenance, OH&S requirements, vandal prone plastic systems and also in the environmental laws.

Pureablue also has a magazine in which they talk about the need of the public booths and the range of services they offer to the public.