Pureablue introduces a new electric door locking system designed to remotely lock public restrooms at night.

Pureablue’s remote door locking system for public amenities can be programmed to open and close at specified times of the day or controlled via a mobile phone call, eliminating the need for facility managers to visit the sites daily to open and close the facilities.

Designed using robust components, all flush mounted and fully concealed within the door frame for vandal protection, the door locking system also features a control unit mounted in the rear secured plant room with the wiring run within accessible frame members.

The system’s 'power-to-lock' feature allows it to be operated on battery power for about eight hours in the event of power supply interruption before the door unlocks. In the event the toilet is in use at the time of remote locking, a 'press-to-exit' button will illuminate to allow users to exit safely, with the door relocking on close.

Pureablue’s remote door locking system can be configured for power serviced sites in urban parks or via a solar powered system for remote sites such as roadside rest areas or national parks.