Pureablue has introduced a new anti-surcharge system designed to work with CWT collection wells to prevent the backflow or leakage of waste material during a flood event. The CWT collection well is a zero discharge system for restroom sites with no sewer services.

Recommended for application at sites below flood levels, the new Pureablue anti-surcharge system (ASS) is a flapper type controller that can be deployed to engage on the underside of the odour skirt and down-tube of the toilet pedestal. Made entirely from PVC, the device can withstand the aggressive atmosphere in the collection well of the restroom.

How the Pureablue anti-surcharge system works

When a flood event is imminent, a facility officer goes to the restroom building, and deploys the ASS using a lever system mounted outside the building. The doors are then locked with deadlocks supplied in the ASS package. When the area gets flooded, the water inundates the building and collection well, diluting the contents.

After the floodwater recedes, leaving the collection well full of diluted waste, the floating material is trapped by the ASS flapper and not allowed to escape. A waste contractor is then hired to do an exceptional non programmed waste removal. The CWT system is recommissioned, and the facility is cleaned and serviced, ready for the next management cycle.

The anti-surcharge systems integrate with the Pureablue steel framed and clad Our Country OC1, OC2 and OC3 buildings and the masonry CAB1, CAB2 and CAB3 buildings with the CWT system package.

Image: The ASS is deployed prior to a flooding event using a lever system mounted outside the restroom