Pureablue has introduced a new sharps collection system designed specifically for use in restrooms.

Regular small diameter inclined through-wall tubes provided for sharps collection storage bins have an operational issue, which can potentially risk a needle stick injury to staff handling the waste.

Sharps collection units in public restrooms inevitably receive other waste, which may jam and block the unit. If a needle is dropped into the tube subsequently, it can get caught behind the jammed material, presenting a safety risk for other users and staff when dislodging the waste.

Pureablue’s new Sharps-Safe system has the disposal aperture flush mounted with the collection box concealed and accessed from the rear service room for vandal protection. The disposal aperture face plate restricts the size of the object that can be dropped into the tube, with the objects falling through an oversized stainless steel tube, and dropping into an appropriately sized sharps collection unit, eliminating any chance of a blockage in the tube.

Pureablue can be consulted for specifying the Sharps-Safe sharps collection system in a new restroom project or for retrofitting the unit to an existing facility.