Pureablue was involved in a project to install a restroom at a site on the new Pacific Highway upgrade north of Maclean.

Expected to attract a high level of usage due to the location, the Devil’s Pulpit site required a facility with total water carriage despite no access to water, sewer or electrical service at the site.

Being adjacent to a National Park, the restroom design had to be sensitive to site discharges. The principal contractor also demanded a project timeline of 120 days for design, build, install and commission, which played to the strengths of Pureablue’s pre-engineered building range.

The amenities solution involved the construction of a CAB3 building featuring two 10,000L CWT Collection Well waste system, with the management to be carried out in conjunction with a local pump-out contractor.

Water would be delivered by an elevated water tank (6m) with sufficient capacity of 10,000L to service the estimated usage volumes and deliver sufficient pressure. A solar lighting system was also installed at the restroom project. All the structures were designed and built by Pureablue.

The restroom facility drew twice the estimated number of users over the initial three months, proving the quality of the Pureablue constructed facility.

The project has been deemed a major success with an excellent solution for a water carriage system. Despite high maintenance costs, it delivers a high quality facility to highway users.