Pureablue’s CWT 10,000L waste disposal units were recently selected by the Maritime Park Authority in conjunction with Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management to be used with new toilet installations on Whitsunday Island. The policy on non-flush toilet facilities and to take all human waste off-site led the authorities to choose Pureablue’s sealed collection well solution.  

The remote island location about 10km off Airlie Beach created a unique obstacle for Pureablue in that installation logistics had to be coordinated with high tide, allowing a small three-hour window for unloading the two collection wells and lids, installing them at two sites, and then reloading the 24 tonne excavator used to position the collection wells and backfill.  

Pureablue developed management plans based on anticipated usage rates for each site, in co-operation with an accredited waste contractor. The waste contractor wasbriefed on the equipment required for the waste removal and seed water placement as it is an essential part of the system that seed water is placed in the collection well at the commencement of each management cycle.  

The waste is kept in suspension in liquid form within the waste disposal units, allowing the odour management materials to interact with the waste, and making the removal of the waste as a liquid easily achievable from a remote location.