Now available from Otis Elevator , the HomeLine residential elevator is ideal as a practical aid for elderly or disabled individuals, or simply as a luxurious addition to the home.

With its space saving design, the HomeLine residential elevator can be fitted in minimum space requirements, meaning that empty and wasted space can be turned into a practical and convenient transport system.

Benefits of the HomeLine residential elevator include:

  • energy savings and minimal operating costs due to running on a single-phase 240-volt domestic power supply
  • a smooth ride which delivers passengers quickly and quietly.
  • reliable operation, backed by Otis Elevator's 12 month warranty and free service
  • quiet operation.
The HomeLine residential elevator also has a range of advanced safety features including:
  • standby power - in the event of a power failure standby power and car lighting brings the elevator safely to the nearest landing.
  • handrails - specially designed for the convenience and safety of elderly and disabled passengers
  • outside communication - a telephone voice communication unit allows elevator users to contact the Otis national call response center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • light beam door protection system (optional) - a light beam emitter to create an invisible safety beam across the elevator entrance, which if interrupted will cause the doors to open immediately.