Otis Elevator Co 's GeN2 Premier elevator system combines the latest technologies and materials to achieve energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, passenger safety, and time and space saving installation.

GeN2 elevator systems are renowned for their original hoising technology. Lightweight, flexible reinforced belts are housed in a tough polyurethane jacket that improves traction and does not require any lubrication. The flexibility of these belts allows them to bend around smaller diameter sheaves, resulting in a more efficient transfer of power from the machine to the car.

As the belts are flat, they also cover more surface area at the point of contact, significantly reducing the noise and wear no the sheave. Furthermore, these flat, polyurethane coated belts virtually eliminate vibration, providing passengers wtih a smooth, quiet ride.

The bearings on these low-inertia gearless elevator systems are sealed-for-life, meaning they require no additional lubrication. Couple this with maintenance free disc brakes and GeN2 Premier elevator system becomes an environmentally friendly, highly reliable, efficient and cost effective elevator to operate.

For further environmental care and cost efficiency, these elevator systems are 50% more energy efficient than conventional systems. This ultimately allows developers and owners to manage the building more economically and benefit from lower building costs.

Otis Elevator Co has also streamlined the installation process of their GeN2 Premier elevator systems with integrated components. This allows builders to benefit from a more controlled installation with minimum building interface.