Elevonic's RSR PLUS elevator system, available from Otis Elevator Co  is one of the most efficient dispatchers in the industry. With its algorithm of bonuses and penalties, it consistently delivers very short waiting times.

The exhilarating but smooth ride of the Elevonic Class is achieved by closed-loop systems which monitor the cars’ performance, measuring every aspect against predetermined standards and correcting deviations within milliseconds.

The impressive safety record of these gearless elevators can be attributed to an on-going research commitment. Recent innovations include a high-tech alloy wedge face for the safety brake shoe. Moreover, the Lambda 3D entrance-protection system anticipates passenger entry with an innovative hallway beam projection system and prevents doors from coming into contact with passengers.

The Elevonic Class uses ACVF regenerative equipment wherever possible to return energy to a building's electrical grid for re-use. The gearless Elevonic AC machines further conserve power by reducing initial starting currents, improving train-drive efficiencies and eliminating carbon brushes.

Ride quality means smooth acceleration and deceleration with a minimum of vibration and noise. Having installed elevators in most of the world's 125 highest buildings, Otis recognises that hoist way size and configuration, airflow, the shape of the car and even architectural finishes are all important factors.

Door operation is critical to the successful handling of a building's elevator traffic. Otis' High Performance Linear Induction Motor (HPLIM) door system reduces the number of moving parts in the lifts, resulting in more dependable and safe operation.

Maximum passenger safety is obtained through the Lambda 3D entrance-protection system. Using 56 infrared emitters and detectors, it creates an invisible safety net across the elevator entrance and also extends into the hallway. The microprocessor controller scans for interrupted beams and reopens the door without coming into contact with the passenger.