The Otis4000 series of model gearless elevators, from Otis Elevator , is suitable for medium and high-rise residential and commercial applications.

Combining the latest variable frequency drive control and microprocessor technology, compact-energy efficient gearless machine, intelligent modular system design, and variable speed door operating technology, the Otis4000 series of model gearless elevators are the latest high-speed gearless product from Otis Elevator.

With the capacity to travel up to 3.5m/s, the Otis4000 model gearless elevator utilises a proven design with proven components, resulting in a series of model sized economical with improved delivery times.

The advantages of the new permananet magnet PM138 elevator system is a reduced machine size and weight with a capacity to hold a up to 1600kg and a higher efficiency than previous motors.

The 300VFE/Drive OVF30 speed control unit monitors the car speed and distance throughout the journey, and by comparing the speed with an online calculator profile, fine adjustments are made to the frequency and volatge giving a smoother, more comfortable ride.
This new patented design Ultra Roller Guide reduces the horizontal vibration by up to 50% over conventional roller guides, while the Lambda entrance-protection system offers maximum passenger safety by detecting any object of passenger when the elevator doors are closing.