Nuplex Construction Products  presents a unique additive for industrial floor toppings formulated to inhibit mould growth in installed floors.  

Nuplex has added the Sterishield additive to a broad range of industrial flooring including Sureshield, Industrial Terrazzite, Decorative Terrazzite, Supascreed Epoxy, Surecote 500AR Epoxy Novolac, Nuthane Polyurethane and Surechem VE Vinyl Ester.  

Though these floor toppings are microbial neutral and do not promote mould growth, aggregate filled toppings will hold moisture and nutrients, which may encourage the growth of mould.  

The Sterishield additive will inhibit the growth of mould and help prevent the development of mould populations in installed floors, especially in warm, damp environments. Sterishield modified floorings are ideal for food processing environments as the Sterishield component actively prevents the growth of micro-organisms.