The Surecote 200HS epoxy resin floor coating from Nuplex Construction Products was installed at the Ian Aviation Hangar at Archerfield Airport to replace the existing painted floor.  

The project was executed by Seamless Flooring Australia and involved a floor surface area of 9000m².   

Surecote 200HS epoxy resin based flooring in Blue Grey N53 colour was installed over several stages to enable the client to continue operating during the project.  

The preparation work prior to the installation of the epoxy resin based flooring involved high pressure water wash and diamond grind.  

The hangar had its floor coated many years ago with a conventional paint, which had mostly worn off. The client’s requirements included a durable coating with a long life span, easy cleaning, good light reflection and superior resistance to solvent and fuel spillages.  

Surecote 200HS epoxy resin based floor coatings render a high level of gloss and are cost effective with coverage rates of 5m²/litre and 8m²/litre. Surecote 200 HS is available in a range of colours from the Australian Standard 2700.