Revathane from Nuplex Construction Products is a range of concrete floor coatings formulated to deliver an attractive, glossy finish to complement building and decorative designs.  

Revathane concrete floor coatings provide a hardwearing, glossy and transparent non-yellowing finish, and are suitable for interior or exterior applications.  

Nuplex Revathane concrete floor coatings are ideal for:   

  • Ground, polished concrete
  • Pebble and stone finishes
  • Timber floors
  • Flake finishes

The concrete base must be smooth, clean and dry before application of Revathane floor coating.  

Two or three coats of Revathane may be applied at 6m²/L per coat on subsequent days to achieve a glossy, clear and non-yellowing finish. All base materials must be dry and any epoxy base-coats if used must be cured for at least 48 hours before the application of Revathane.  

Revathane can be used to sharpen up existing finishes if still well bonded. These coatings are also ideal for bonding small quantities of fine pebbles.  

To achieve a non-slip finish, Nuplex microcells may be added to the last coat. Alternatively, Revtred (1mm solid glass spheres) may be added for a coarser anti-slip effect.