Widespread droughts in Australia is quite a common occurrence and with signs of the El Nino weather pattern already developing, water recycling will become more important more than ever. A recent report confirms that drier conditions have already settled in over much of Australia.

In the NSW Government Water for Life initiative 2008, an effective greywater treatment system is an important element to have on residential premises. There are many beneficial reasons to implementing and using greywater systems:
  • reuse water for garden and lawn irrigation
  • if treated properly, water can be used for toilet flushing and laundry use (washing machine)
  • reduce the demand on drinkable water
  • reduce the amount of wastewater discharged to the environment
The NSW Government recommends three ways of reusing greywater for sewered residential properties in NSW:
  • greywater diversion to the garden or lawn for use in sub-surface irrigation
  • greywater treatment for other reuse, such as toilet flushing, washing machine and surface irrigation
  • manual bucketing which reuses relatively small quantities of greywater for irrigation
So what is greywater?

Better Health VIC defines it as wastewater from non-toilet plumbing systems such as hand basins, washing machines, showers and baths.

Greywater can be safely reused for the garden when treated and handled properly. It's also important to note than greywater should never be used on vegetables, fruit, herbs or anything that requires consumption.

Nubian Water Systems offers a slimline greywater recycling systems that is free from chemicals. This latest technology in greywater treatment and recycling ensures clear, odourless and safe water available for reuse inside and outside your home or building.

Other key advantages include:
  • reduce your potable water use by 40%
  • no excavation required as it is an aboveground installation
  • will accept water from laundry, shower, bath, handbasin
  • biological treatment, followed by UV disinfection - no chemical addition
  • modern appliance design
  • fully automatic and ability to remotely monitor the system
  • ideal for integration with rainwater collection systems
This high performance greywater treatment system can recycle 500 to 100,000 litres of greywater a day.