Providers of sustainable water solutions for urban environments, Nubian Water Systems urged Australians to reduce their water consumption to reduce the pressure on the country’s water resources.  

This special message on water conservation was sent out during the National Water Week observed from 16 October to 22 October, 2011.  

Nubian Water Systems believes it is imperative for Australians to explore new ways to protect and conserve Australia’s precious water resources.  

Though living in the world’s driest inhabited continent, each Australian consumes an average of 100,000 litres of fresh water per year. Put together with water used to produce food and everyday products, each individual is responsible for using approximately 1 million litres of water per year.  

According to Nubian Water Systems CEO Barry Porter, the rise in population, urbanisation and climate change has increased the pressure on Australia’s limited water resources.  

To make every drop count, the company encourages every Australian to consider taking a single step to help reduce their water consumption including use of water saving systems, which would save them money and conserve the nation’s precious water resources.  

Barry Porter hopes that the National Water Week will encourage more people to take its water conservation message on board to help the environment as well as reduce their annual water bill.  

Nubian’s top tips for reducing your water use:  

Water leaks
Leaking taps or toilets need to be fixed immediately and the repair may be as simple as replacing the washer. By doing so, one could be saving thousands of litres of drinking water each day.  

Water-efficient dishwashers
It is important to select dishwashers featuring highly effective spray systems and using water efficiently during the wash and rinse cycles to prevent wastage.  

Water saving showers
A water-efficient ‘AAA’ showerhead uses less than 9 litres of water per minute, compared to a normal showerhead that uses 25 litres per minute.  

Garden smart
Native plants that do not need a lot of water should be selected for planting. A drip irrigation system and plenty of mulch to reduce evaporation and weed growth are also recommended for the garden.  

Greywater recycling
Greywater from bathroom sinks, showers and laundry can be recycled and used for toilet flushing and laundries as well as external applications such as above ground irrigation and car washing. As much as 60% of the water typically flushed down the drain can be recycled for various applications.