Nubian Water Systems presents their range of Hallet UV Disinfection Systems of ultra violet water purification systems. The systems’ design allows consistent delivery of the highest possible UV dose from the proprietary high-output lamps. The UV dose helps the system constantly provide pure and safe water.

The Hallet water disinfection systems utilise Crossfire Technology, which are risk free and failsafe dual smart UV sensors that are mounted in the air. The Crossfire Technology is self-cleaning via a stainless steel wiper that cleans the inside of the quartz tube. This then helps eliminate quartz fouling in the UV water disinfection system.

The Hallet UV Disinfection Systems can be configured in parallel formation to ensure flow rates meet requirements of each individual location. This eliminates the need for a fully redundant system on standby, which then helps save costs and makes regular maintenance easy.

The UV water disinfection systems are designed to deliver the most effective UV dosage rates for removing all pathogens that can be found in unfiltered drinking water, such as viruses, bacteria, cryptosporidium, giardia and legionella.

The Hallet UV Disinfection Systems are available in Australia and New Zealand from Nubian Water Systems.