The Oasis GT600 Grey water recycling system, available from Nubian Water Systems , can be used to recycle the greywater (the used water sent down the drain from the baths, basins, showers and laundry).

So people can have a continuous supply of high quality treated water for gardening and more.

Typical households can achieve savings of 40% off their mains water consumption, which represents about 400 litres per day for the average four-person household (that is, 140,000 litres per annum).

The high level of purity means the treated greywater can be safely used for garden irrigation, which is why many councils have approved its use for car washing and hoses.

In New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and Victoria, people can use the water for toilet flushing and in the laundry, too, which means one can really reduce the water consumption.

An important ecological benefit of the Oasis GT600 is that the treated greywater is discharged at pH 7.0, a neutral level, which does not affect soil fertility.

The treatment process is a biological and UV sterilisation combination, so it is chemical free with no chlorine to contaminate gardens.

First, the greywater is screened to remove lint, hair and other particles. It then passes through media where contaminants are removed through absorption, biological process and filtration.

Finally, it is disinfected by UV light. The system has a collection water tank, a processor and a treated water tank, where the recycled water is stored prior to reuse.

The Oasis GT600 processes up to 1200 litres per day and no user maintenance is required as all servicing is done by contracted agents.

In addition, the above-ground unit has a sleek, compact design, which makes it easy to install at the side of the house. No excavations are necessary and side access to the house can be kept open.

An Oasis GT600 is also a form of asset protection as it allows the user to maintain a good-looking garden, which is said to add up to 10% to property prices.

The Nubian Oasis GT600 is accredited for internal and above-ground irrigation use in New South Wales, Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria, and for aboveground irrigation in Western Australia and South Australia. It is represented by more than 50 trained and accredited installation agents.

For commercial systems, Nubian Water Systems are negotiating with developers and architects for systems in schools, gyms, townhouse complexes and apartment blocks as engineered solutions offering high quality recycled water.