Free Seminar For Architects, Landscape Designers, Hydraulic Engineers
- Greywater Treatment & Recycling
- Phil Krasnostein & Surani Sappideen
- Wednesday 6 February 2008
- Confirmed as an NSW Architects Registration Board CPE listed activity. (1.5 points)

Nubian Water Systems  was established to provide a suite of high performance integrated solutions at both the on-site and decentralised levels. Through strong alliances with some of the leading engineering and equipment companies in the world, Nubian brings a depth of technical skills and knowledge that is normally available to only infrastructure and other large scale applications.

The Seminar will consist of a presentation and an inspection of a typical greywater treatment system (GWTS). Greywater recycling will be introduced and the standards that have to be achieved to maximise re-use of the treated water explained. The layout and operation of a typical greywater treatment system will be shown. The impact of a greywater treatment system on BASIX water conservation requirements will be demonstrated and the implications for plumbing addressed. The beneficial impact of treated greywater on a garden will also be demonstrated and typical GSTS installations shown. The benefits for homeowners, builders and developers will be presented.

The Seminar will help you:
• Understand the role and capability of greywater treatment systems in recycling water.
• Advise clients on and specify a greywater treatment system.

Home Ideas Centre
61 - 63 O’Riordan Street
Alexandria, NSW 2015. (Opposite Office Works)

Wednesday 6 February 2008
5:30pm Refreshments
6:00pm Start
Free Parking on site

by Friday 1 February 2008