Maroubra Junction Uniting Church chose Nubian’s Oasis GT 600 for the greywater recycling of two tertiary student residences on their church properties. Each residence has its own standalone unit which has the capacity to process up to some 1200 litres of greywater a day. This unit treats water from the hand basins, washing machines and showers and recycles it for toilet flushing, and for irrigation of the student’s organic garden. This represents a substantial saving of potable water; a saving of 100 litres of drinking water per person a day or an annual saving per person of 47,000 litres.

Coordinator of Project Green Church at the Maroubra Uniting Church’s grass roots environmental initiative, Dr. Miriam Pepper: “The decision of the Church to opt for greywater recycling is part of a number of key ‘green’ initiatives for Project Green Church Maroubra and in support of wider sustainability programs underway across Randwick local government area. Our aim is to showcase strategies of sustainability to the community and the Church as a way of encouraging environmental best practice.”

Other activities include the installation of solar hot water systems and a rain water tank: switching to GreenPower; involvement in car sharing, community gardening and regular cycle club rides: the establishment of a volunteer run community “eco-mowing” service; and outreach to other churches to encourage them to take similar actions. Maroubra Junction Uniting Church recently held an Open Day, featuring Project Green Church and the newly installed Nubian Oasis systems. Randwick City Council, attended the Open Day with the local community and has supported a number of ProjectGreen Church initiatives.

“The first class and relatively inexpensive technology that Maroubra Junction Uniting Churchhas installed demonstrates how easily water recycling can become a reality to most urban properties. They are to be congratulated on this initiative,” said Randwick Mayor, Cr. Bruce Notley-Smith.

CEO of Nubian Greywater Treatment Systems Steve Makins: “Nubian is very excited to have been selected by Maroubra Junction Uniting Church to install our very cutting edge greywater recycling system for their residential greywater treatment.”

“The Nubian water treatment systems deliver a number of remarkable benefits. It represent agreat investment in water saving for the planet while giving the residents the opportunity tohave a 24/7 supply of water. This is ideal for toilet use and importantly for gardens. Havinga garden at a time of restricted water supply ensures the lifestyle benefits that come fromhaving a garden and living outdoors. It also enhances property values by up to 10%.”

Mr. Makins: “Our Nubian greywater recycling unit will optimize the amount of water that they can recycle from water that is usually poured down the drain. Unlike other greywater treatment systems our units are modular and can be easily installed above ground. They have push button efficiency so no detailed knowledge is required to run them efficiently and our treatment process is chemical free. This means no dangerous chemical like chorines get discharged into the garden.”