Master Lifts offers a wide range of lifts, including Petite residential lifts. These lifts have a footprint of just 910mm by 1370mm and require minimal overall space for installation. They can be set into a 50mm pit or placed on the existing level floor and accessed with a short ramp.

Thanks to the small footprint, these lifts are ideal for use in any home. They also require minimal construction work and do not have a machine room.

But despite their compact design, these home lifts are capable of transporting up to 2 people or up to 225kg at the same time to a maximum height of 9000mm, with a maximum of four level stops.

Petite residential elevators come with a finished tower as standard, with the cladding available in white powder coated steel panels or glass panels. The doors and frames also have a powder coated finish and the doors feature a glass panel.

Petite residential lifts require minimal maintenance and are very reliable.